Helpful Links That Support Our Website

Donna Johns, is our professional trainer who has
had over 25 years experience in what makes your
dog happy and obedient, using praise, treats, and
socialization techniques. For more info on Training
Classes in San Jose or Private Instruction which is
available - specializing in "Separation Anxiety"  
"Potty Training," and Socialization Issues," contact  
Donna Johns at 408-225-6042 to begin your class
sessions! GEPDA  fosters or adoptees receive a
discounted $50.00 private session with Donna at
your home if you live in or near the San Jose area.

Andy's Pet Shop "Adoption Center" at 51 Notre
Dame Avenue, San Jose, CA 95113 is one of our
sponsors and is one unique Pet Shop that has been
around since 1949.  It caters to rescued animals
only and has a professional staff that genuinely
cares and has the knowledge to help you with your
pet.  They are opened 7 days a week from 10-6p.
Call them at 408-297-0840 and feel the difference
with great customer service! They will beat all
competitive prices or at least match! Come in and
ask for a GEPDA discount at 15 percent after
adopting a GEPDA pet!

Sylvia's Tiny get all of your personal
customized doggy clothes that are created just for
the doggy that is the love of your life!  Just go to and if you enjoy cars -
go to  Spectacular goodies for that
spoiled doggy that feels the  love in his/her very
own clothes!!! Contact MaryAnn Lima for more info
at 408-309-2667. - "Compassion Without Borders" is
an international animal protection group striving to alleviate
animal suffering in Mexico through spay and neuter programs
and international rescue efforts. They also play a key role in
helping transport our rescue animals we have confiscated from
taking in "cruelty reports." -Sponsor “People For the Ethical Treatment of
Animals”, promoting a “vegan lifestyle and cruelty-free
environment. Celebrating 25 years of fighting for the animals.
They are not ours to eat, wear, experiment, entertainment
purposes or to exploit.  They play a major role in sponsoring us. - Sponsor and Worldwide
leader in RFID microchip permanent identification technology.
The only “fool-proof” way to get animals back home with their
original owners, international. - Using the legal system to protect and advance
the interests of all animals. “Abuse An Animal, Go To Jail.” A
legal system where all clients of theirs are innocent. - The American Society For The Prevention Of
Cruelty To The Animals. They provide effective means for the
prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States,
offering programs in humane education, public awareness,
government advocacy, shelter/medical/placement. They play a
key role in helping us with our education program.  - Animal Restraining Equipment,
manufactures the necessities when you need to catch, control
and restrain an animal. Has been manufacturing animal control
equipment for over 50 years of the highest quality, safest and
most cost effective. - Small  family business in selling pet
products where you must feel 100 % satisfaction, which is their
guarantee! They have a commitment in taking the very best of
care for their customers. - The best safety wear on the market that is
bite and scratch resistant, created by pet professionals for pet
professionals. Products to count on, to protect you, when you
don’t see it coming. - For 2 decades, Animal and Care
Equipment Services has been supplying gear and training for
those who work on behalf of the animals worldwide. Customer
service is their highest priority. - Sponsor and leading manufacturer
and marketer of biological, pharmaceuticals and specialty
products for animals.

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link to our website, please contact us!***
Thank you PAWS for your Contributions/Vet Care
to help us thrive for all rescued innocent animals!