Our Mission Statement

"Fight Cruelty and Violence Against Animals"  

The primary objectives of this organization shall be to
foster respect and compassion
for all animals; to alleviate pain and suffering for abused,
abandoned animals; and to raise public awareness to the
need for spay/neuter programs, micro chipping and
humane education in the United States and abroad.
"Lola and Sami Now!"

Sami has a new big sister named Lola, in Santa
Cruz, living the good life, the way it's suppose
to be and feeling like the happiest little girl to
still be alive!
"Sami then..."

We were called to investigate this
site where a golden retriever
puppy had been locked in this
kennel for weeks without food and
water and outgrowing her kennel.
Volunteers stepped in!
"Lucy and Mattie Now!"

Lucy is now happy with Mattie who was also
found near by with a dead baby lying next to
her on a street corner in the rain.  After
spaying Mattie, they found another baby
inside of her, dead, along with a growth and a
bullet .  Pictures of Mattie were too graphic to
display.  Lucy is the shaved little one. They
became attached to each other in comfort and
live together now in the same home, happy
and secure in San Jose.  Unfortunately, Mattie
died 2007 of a bleeding tumor that could not
be helped. She did get to experience her last
beautiful days with Lucy.
"Lucy then..."

No one would have ever believed this
little girl, barely a year old,  was
reported to be living off the streets
near a junk yard. Volunteers stepped
in! She was so matted, volunteers had
to shave her.
"Winslow  then..."

He was found stabbed under the belly and on his
left leg, because his family thought he was the
cause of why their little girl became sick,  after
she kissed him.  Volunteers stepped in!
"Winslow Now!"

He has recovered! We found him a beautiful home
in San Jose, where he and a cat named Rickey, get
all of the attention from a sweet young girl, 16 yrs.  
named Amanda and her loving Mom.
"Annie then..."

Little Orphan "Annie" was found tied to a
short rope in mud with thick tight masking
tape wrapped around her legs.  Her mouth
was also covered with masking tape from
barking too much. A volunteer removed the
tape and found huge needle holes
underneath the tape.  She was barely 4.5 lbs.
"Annie Now!"

She has fully recovered and
blossomed into a healthy, lovable
and playful, energetic little girl. She
resides in El Cerrito, CA  with a Mom
and son who love and adore her.
The question is not, "Can they reason?"  "Can they
talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?"  You can help by
HERE, so we may continue our rescue efforts.
"Emily then..."
Emily, just  6 mo. and
abandoned, left to die
alone, a very slow and
painful death, until GEPDA
stepped in.
"Emily Now!"
Emily made it to the US and is now adopted into a happy
home in Morgan Hill, CA with a family with 2 young girls
that love her dearly.  GEPDA Mexico Adoption Coordinator
Mary Carmen holding Emily ready to fly to the US!
Kingston on his last legs,
unable to breathe or stand up
with a respiratory infection, and
no one to come to his rescue to
save him....GEPDA stepped in
to help and now he is a healthy,
gorgeous happy boy!