GEPDA Director MaryAnn Lima
Adoption Coordinator
Foster Coordinator
Community Event Coordinator
Daniel is Gepda's Youngest and Most Honorable Member.
His Rotty, Sheba is too! Daniel, all grown up with his two favorite pals - Gizmo and Smokey.

"Group Education to Protect and
Defend Animals"  is accepting
all  volunteers, please don't
hesitate to contact MaryAnn
Lima at
Come and support our cause! All
donations go to suffering
animals in the USA and Abroad.
If unable to volunteer:

Please click here if you wish
to donate a  
tax deductible contribution.
GEPDA 5th Year Anniversary Fundraiser, Raising $405.84 at Chevy's
Thanks to so many wonderful Supporters!
Where are You???  We need more
volunteers for our community
events!!!!!!  We will gladly accept
Jr. High and High School
Volunteers that need Community
Service! No experience needed!

Holiday Giftwrappers over
Christmas holidays are needed in
San Jose.  Please contact
MaryAnn at 408-309-2667 to help
giftwrap!  No experience needed!

GEPDA Director MaryAnn Lima with Husband Carlos Lima, with
her Sister and Volunteer Diane and Nephew Volunteer Daniel

Bark N The Park, September in San
Jose...we always need Volunteers to
help at our GEPDA booth! Please help
by bringing us donations of toys,
stuffed animals and doggy items to
have for community events
throughout the year for our GEPDA
booth!!! Contact MaryAnn at
408-309-2667 or